Lady Shabazz speaks on Preparedness

This is a radio broadcast  with host Lady Shabazz. She talks about Hurricane Sandy and how we should be prepared for emergencies.


You Must Arm Yourself!(Part 2)

This is part two of the broadcast with Irritated Genie.

You Must Arm Yourself! This isn’t a Game!(Part 1)

This is from the radio program War on the Horizon. The radio host is Irritated Genie. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with the brother a few times. In this broadcast he explains that we need to arm ourselves in case of an emergency. He is being very serious since we are living in serious times. After Barack Obama was re-elected this week–gun sales went through the roof! Why? Many people feel as though their rights are being taken away and need to be armed for protection against whoever the enemy may be. There’s no more time to waste. You have to protect you and your family. Irritated Genie gives some great information in this radio broadcast. Grab a pen and paper.