We Need to be in Survival Mode!

This blog will be about all the things we as a people need to survive. I will put articles and videos about things we may need in any type of emergency. We have to be prepared for anything that may happen in the future. We have to think about the generation for children coming behind us. And when I say survival,I’m not just speaking about stocking up on water,bullets,canned goods and emergency kits. Although that’s important as well.  That’s why I’ll have prepper videos up. But I’m also speaking about our spiritual,mental and economic survival.  Living under a system of white supremacy our mental health is under attack daily.  It’s a daily struggle to keep our sanity under this type of oppression.  I will also be putting up quotes,and videos that deal with our strive for liberation.I’m open to any information you may have that could be helpful. I appreciate any information that will help our people move forward to liberation.We have to pull together in these strange times we’re living in. We have to watch each others backs.  The time for talking is over. It’s time for some action. All we got is us!

One People,One Tribe,One Love


22 comments on “We Need to be in Survival Mode!

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    • That sounds like a great idea! It’s always good to link up with like minded individuals. Kushite,Sister Truth and Moorbey! The Holy Trinity for the Black empowerment movement.lol Has a nice ring to it!

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  3. Kushite Prince,

    I just want to thank you for your commitment and dedication to us, and to express the pride I feel in knowing that there are people like you that still love us and want to see us thrive.

    P.S. Love the new layout of this blog site!

    • Thanks a lot. That means a lot. I’m nothing special. I just love my people and want to see us strive for excellence. We have to think positive and support each other. If not us–who will? Glad you like the layout. Hope you like the blog. I got some great stuff I’ll be uploading. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. I have a friend here in NYC who works around disaster preparedness for the Black community, he is conscious and dedicated to our people I am going to pass your blog on and maybe you can build and share info. Thank you for the info!

  5. Excellent topic Prince. I think when we talk survival we must careful with our intent. Often when it comes to survival black parents are teaching their children how to survive in the white man’s world. This is the equivalent to a domesticated house cat teaching her feral by nature kittens how to depend of humans for food and shelter. The intent of our survival should one of preservation, liberation and nation building.

    Essential to the survival of black people is 4 skills sets. They are Fighting, Fleeing, Feeding and Building. On the subject of fighting we need to learn some sort of martial art, we need to learn how to use weapons (guns, knives and bows and arrows). On the subject of fleeing we need to learn how to avoid danger, elude caption and conceal our strategies and locations. On the subject of feeding we need to learn how to produce our own sustenance. That would require learning agriculture, farming, hunting, fishing and food preservation. One the subject of building we need to learn how to erect shelters, establish technology (electricity, running clean water, sanitation, heating and air conditioning, etc), repair tools (vehicles, weapons, power tools, etc). I know many of us think that learning skills to get jobs is all we need but when this civilization collapses (like it did during Hurricane Katrina) those who are knowledgeable and prepared will thrive. Those who don’t prepare and are not knowledgeable have the likelihood of becoming food for other organisms.

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