Nubian News, Blacks are moving to home schooling their children.. Now it’s time to turn those Churches in our community into School for the Nubian Nation.

This is a great post! A beautiful sight to see!

African People of Love & Queens of Afrika

Eurocentric school curricula continues to prevail in a society that is increasingly brown.

April 10, 2015

Ama Mazama is an associate professor and the director of graduate programs for the department of African-American Studies at Temple University.


Homeschooling, common among white Americans, is showing an increase among African-Americans kids, as well. African Americans now make up about 10 percent of all homeschooled children in this fastest-growing form of education. However, the reasons for black kids to be homeschooled may not be the same as for white kids. My research shows that black parents homeschool their children due to white racism.

This may come as a surprise since, for many, we live in an age of alleged color blindness and post-racialism, characterized by the declining significance of race and racism. My research found strong evidence to suggest that racism is far from being a thing of the…

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Afrikan Combat Kipura

THis is a beautiful sight to see! Shout out to the brotehrs and sisters in Ghana. Salute!

African People of Love & Queens of Afrika

Mema mo Abibifahodie!

If you’re in Ghana or will be visiting Ghana soon, check out our Abibifahodie Asako (Afrikan Combat Kipura) classes at the Lion House Afrikan Cultural Center, every Saturday at 10:00AM! Call or email for details.


About Abibifahodie Asako Afrikan Combat Capoeira.

Why Choose Us

The name Abibifahodie is from the Asante Twi language and is best rendered into english as “Afrikan Liberation.” Afrikan Liberation is the focus of our group in keeping with the history of capoeira in its use as an instrument for the liberation of Afrikan people:
  • aOur logo is a newly created adinkra symbol called Abibifahodie ‘Afrikan Liberation’ and formed out of two pre-existing Adinkra symbols, namely akobɛn with the accompanying proverb in the Twi language of Ghana Akobɛn bɔ a, na yɛhunu mmarima ‘ .
  • bWhen the war horn sounds is when we see men’ and nkyinkyimiiɛ with the…

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