This is how the Police state operates!



3 comments on “This is how the Police state operates!

  1. This regime will not last long. World war 3 is going to happen by the end of November this year it will happen when people are not prepared for that event, and are preparing for the so called “hellidays” that brings a false sense of joy, and satisfies peoples material greed, for useless items that are just not worth a damn in the long run. The president at the time of this war starting will be pence, trump will either be assassinated or impeached come late February or early March and his vice demon will be the new demon in chief of this country and lead this country to nuclear war. If I were you I’d leave this so called “country” as soon as possible.

      • I only know this information, because of a friend who used the deep web, and found some interesting information. I can tell you more of the information I have if you want me too, just tell me what your email is and I’ll tell you what I know so far. Also you should have supplies prepared, I have prepared many seeds, medical kits, water, fabrics, and dried lots of food for use already. I hope you get prepared as soon as possible, we never know what may happen, so stay safe and prepared.

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