The coming world war

Very good post! And very educational. I think this is the type of post people should read if they want to survive. The powers that be are cooking up something really bad. I’ve been warning people for years. They could be creating World War 3. I’m not sure but you better be prepared anyway. Thanks for uploading this post.

Blackmystory weblog

Unlike the previous two misnomered world wars, which weer actually Eurasian tribalism and jockeying for supremacy mainly in Europe, along with a few proxy wars in Japan, Vietnam, Indochina and Afrika, the next few month will definitely be a planet wide affected war between amurdikkka and the only two other countries that can stand up to them militarily.

The 19th century expansionist saber rattling by neo colonialists both the notorious drone Obomba’s regime and even more warlike ones coming in with the Orange Orangutan, are preseason games for a full seasons of war attritions and destruction of many areas and population on the planet. Rest assured that the planet will finally be purged of the savages, but unfortunately as they say, to make an omelet one must break a few eggs. And many of us have no one to blame for how far this goes except for ourselves.

We keep…

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