Will Donald Trump force Blacks to Unite- Rick Wallace


This is a great video by Rick Wallace.  Now that Donald Trump is elected…will this force black people to unite?  Will this make the black collective see the real racist reality?  Can we now see the common enemy?  Wallace brings up some great points why this will not be so easy.



2 comments on “Will Donald Trump force Blacks to Unite- Rick Wallace

  1. Right now, (SOME OF US are ) we’re operating in fear mode. Once that wears off, most of us will slip back into old habits:

    Sleeping with the enemy
    Spending money, Christmas is around the corner, with the enemy
    And hoping that the enemy won’t hurt you by being extra nice to them

    But…but…there’s a TINY and growing minority of us that see what’s happening and will act accordingly. We’ll be the ones to implement real change on a silent but powerful level.

    The more you REJECT your enemy, the more angry and desperate they become so we’ll have to be on the watch out for sneak attacks like job layoffs and write-ups and even physical altercations.

    Be prepared to defend yourself at all times, ESPECIALLY from your kind that love their slavery and are too scared to leave the plantation.

    The opportunity is there, we just have to seize it.

    • Now is the time. We have to honest about our situation. We can’t wait fo he sleepers anymore. I agree that many of us love the slavery at this moment. They are scared to leave their oppressors. But we have to be brave and face our fears. We have to kick the old habits and move forward. It can be scary….but we will be better off in the end. Our numbers are growing and more are becoming conscious. Maybe Trump becoming President can be a good thing after all.

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