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Cleveland Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins, on Sunday came out before the game against the Cincinnati Bengals wearing a t-shirt in support of two innocent Afrikan males, one a 12 year old boy, Tamir Rice and the other 22 year old John Crawford, who were both murdered by police in the state of Ohio. Just as a couple of St Louis Rams football player did in showing their support and indignation with the travesty in Ferguson and Mike Browns own murder, Hawkins quite declaration of support, was met with outrage and demands of apologies by the teams, from the police union and chiefs respectively of each department.

After the game, Hawkins addressed the media without notes and spoke without taking questions, out of consideration, he said, for the “predicament” that the Browns were in. He spoke directly and emotionally as he talked about his 2-year-old son Austin.

“As you all know,” Hawkins…

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“POLICE REFORM” Iz Not A Solution: Here’ss The Only ~ “NON-VIOLENT” ~ STRATEGIC ANSWER” To End Police Misconduct, Brutality, Murder & Terrorism!

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“Police Reform”  Is Not A Solution Because Politically It Leaves The Same Racist National Police Union Controlled Institutional Structure & Terrorist Occupation Intact.


Decentralization, Mandatory Residency And The Completely Autonomous Community Control Of The Police & Public Safety

A REAL Solution To Police Misconduct, Brutality & Murder Inside Of Black, Brown & Oppressed U.S.A. Communities Has Existed For Decades
; But Is Largely Ignored As An Answer To Institutionalized Police Union Politics & Terrorism, Because It Was Brilliantly Developed By Former Members Of The “Original’ Young Lords, Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army.
The Following Outline Is A Clear Example Of What This Structure Would Look Like & How It Could Be Realized In
What Is Presently The United States Largest Domestic Police Occupied “Territory” aka New York City.

1.  Decentralization Of The NYPD By Electoral Referendum


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