Why we must build for ourselves

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In 1917, the social and economic discontent experienced by the Afrikans in Amerikkka, which was intensified with post European tribal war disillusionment, erupted into a violent confrontation between the us and certain Yurugu elements in East St Louis. The growing discontent and bloody confrontations escalated and peaked in the infamous Red Summer of 1919. During this “Red Summer” numerous Afrikans and Afrikan communities were set upon by packs of wild savages, intent on burning, maiming, raping, murdering and destroying. This was this atmosphere that the right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey arrived to see, when he set foot on the shores of that land, stolen from the aboriginal peoples, that had held our ancestors as prisoners of imperialist and colonial wars. Dubbed the Ma’afa, it was the greatest holocaust in ourstory and history. The Ma’afa was a European excursion into Afrika, where that continent experienced centuries long genocidal wars of…

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