Prepping for Survival- Angela Freeman

This is a great video by Angela Freeman. This sista goes into detail about what we can do to prepare for emergencies. She explains that black people are wasting too much time. We can not expect the government to take care of us. We have to do for self. All we have is each other in the end. She is also an accomplished author as well. She has some great advice for all the black women out there on how to prepare their families for any type of disaster. She also has a website you can check out.


The Akoben Institute

This is a very uplifting video. Author Mwalimu Baruti and his wife give a rare tour of their Afrikan centered tutorial program. They have working on this school for years. They have been educating black children on their African culture,history and spirituality. This is a real treat to be able to see the inside of their Akoben Institute. I suggest that everyone buy Baruti’s books and donate money to their school. If we say we support these type of school for our children then we need to invest in them. Which means we have to give money. Many of us spend our hard earned money on senseless things anyway. Things that do nothing to promote our liberation or survival. So it’s important that we give to brothers and sisters that are putting in the work. I respect Mwalimu and his wife for not just talking but actually trying to make a difference in the life of our people. In my opinion, I think we need hundreds of schools like this all across America,Canada Brazil,Africa and the UK. Hopefully it will inspire others to do the same.  We have to do something to reverse this brainwashing of Eurocentric culture that is nothing but mental pollution for our kids. We are in a fight for our lives. And I think cleansing ourselves of self hatred and replacing it with self love is a great start.

Female Warriors

Military Sista

We know that we need black men to stand up and defend their families at all cost. Brothers will have to be prepared mentally and physically when the time comes. We need our sistas to be there to protect and nurture the babies. The children are the future. Without them we have NO future. But I also know there are many black women that are single and struggling to make it day to day. But the time may(and will) come when they will have to get involved in the fight for our survival. The responsibility doesn’t fall all on black women. I’m not saying they have to be the leaders in this quest for our survival. But they do play a huge part in it. We have to get our minds right for what’s sure to come. And we’ll need the help of our female warriors to get the job done. Our collective survival is at stake. The question is–will we be ready?

Dropping Out of the System: A Tangible Way to Regain Black Freedom

Great post! Everyone needs to read this impressive list. This is very important information. The time for excuses is over!


 They know whatever we focus on, it will become reality. It is as though we are creating THEIR reality by default alone. —— Umoja

A black reader wrote to me recently to ask me this question, “Ummm… don’t get mad, Truth, I know you’ve been talking about this for some time now, but how exactly do I drop out of this system?”

For those of you who are also wondering this same thing, this post is for you. I want everyone who reads this blog to know one thing that I’ve known my entire life. Black people throughout the diaspora have no friends, no allies and no one to call on in a time of desperate need. We are alone in this fight. Even though we love to use the term Persons of Colour, in my estimation, it is a farce. We are universally hated, universally ostracized and universally made…

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A Reader Asks: “What Should Black People Do Immediately?” — A Post by Trojan Pam on

This is definitely worth a reblog! Much respect to the queen Trojan Pam!

Racism Is White Supremacy

black person thinking4

Someone posted a comment yesterday asking for suggestions on what they could do — so I decided to re-post this blogpost from April 2013.

A Reader asked me today: “Ok, what is our NEXT move, our immediate need, as Black Americans?”

I thought it was a good question and one that is asked by many black people who are interested in solving this problem. So, I thought it would be constructive to post my response then let other folks weigh in with their solutions and suggestions on the most important things black people can do RIGHT NOW that will help eliminate the system of racism/white supremacy.

My Response

@ Dave

that’s the million dollar question, and it’s a good one. This is where I would start:

1. Begin by understanding the REAL PROBLEM. You can’t fix something when you don’t know what’s broken OR how it works.


 from what…

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Stic of Dead Prez: Healthy is the New Gangsta

This is a great interview with rapper Stic Man. I can’t stress enough how important your diet is to your survival. We all should be conscious of what we put in our bodies. Staying fit is crucial!

Nattral Living

I created the RBG FIT CLUB because we all need a spark. We need something that can trigger us to tap into to that fire inside us. We need to see others doing what we want to do.  We need to be encouraged by those that have been where we are trying to go and have made it through what we may be in the midst of.  We need to learn and be a part of a community of like-minded, positive, focused individuals to support and encourage us. Read More…

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Great post! This is knowledge that needs to be passed on. A reblog must!

African Blood Siblings

Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Address the Four Necessities: Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness”  — An African Blood Siblings Core Tenet

When it comes to Racial Independence in African Consciousness, it is imperative for us to understand that being the Original, our Wisdom is the “Origin” of most other Wisdom traditions.  Therefore “The Prince” Machiavelli’s treatise “The Art of War” (not to be confused with Sun Tzu’s) isn’t only a doctrine that can inform on European (Occidental) Knowledge but a document which gleans African (Original) Knowledge as well.  The book, sourced at the bottom, is an appeal toward 15th Century Italy to revamp it’s military into the style of the Ancients, namely the Greeks and the Romans.  Yet considerable attention is put on the Military Minds of Europe and Africa, especially our remarkable Hannibal of Carthage.  It’s worth noting that Rome developed from Greece,

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