What you put in your body is a big part of survival as well. Survival involves spirituality,mental and the physical. This is a great post with Dr. Sebi.


This is a great post by Pam. She does a great job breaking down different “laws”.

The Black Code Files

What is The Difference Between An “Act” And A “Law?”

A simple explanation is  LAWS exist so that citizens of the public are protected whereas ACTS exist so that an idea of the government is made mandatory for the public.

In order for an ACT to officially become LAW a legislature must vote on a bill.  If the bill is voted in, the bill then becomes an act, thus, becoming a law.

(According to the above explanation — which I did not create — it sounds confusing — and I strongly suspect it was designed to be confusing, but hopefully, it will begin to make more sense as this post continues)

Let me warn you in advance that this will be a longer than usual post. There is no way I can shortcut the information I believe is CRITICAL in understanding what is happening to black people — and why…

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