No Guns for Negroes

Do you want to know the truth behind gun control? This film is very informative.


2 comments on “No Guns for Negroes

  1. Great video, Some I knew buch much I didn’t know. It does seem as though they are trying hard to disarm the black comminuty. Down Here in D.C. there have been many gun buy back programs aimed at the black inner city areas. When I see them on T.V. they always show elderly men and women turning in old rusty pistols and whatnot, the exact people who need to be protwected in the community. Out in the burbs where white kids shoot up the shcool on the regular…not a peep, no gun buybacks there. In fact they solution is to arm the teachers and bus drivers. SMH. Every buy back program I’ve ever heard of was aimed at disarming the black community.

    As they like to say “you can pry it from my cold dead hands” LOL

    • Yeah I know what you mean. They’re trying to be slick with those “buyback” programs. people need to get hip to that. I know exactly why they have them in black neighborhoods. I’m hip to that I feel you though.

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