Mwalimu Baruti- Pan Afrikan Survival

Things that need to be done for a Pan Afrikan survival. This  calls for vision supporting a large collection
of changes in the conditions, interactions and concrete possibilities of Afrikan
people worldwide. In no certain order, they include:
1) the social and cultural reconnection of Afrikan people with each other
2) the development of a military capable of defending both the Afrikan
continent against any aggressor and Afrikan people wherever they may reside on
the face of this planet, as well as having the authority to maintain national
(continent wide) order
3) one representative umbrella government overseeing the affairs and interests
of Afrikans globally with its command center in Afrika
4) the removal of divisive and artificial political boundaries from the
Afrikan continent
5) the removal of the presence and power of nonAfrikan people from our
6) global citizenship for all Afrikan people, i.e., Afrikan people should be
allowed to freely travel wherever Afrikan people are, especially across the
Continent and to and from the Diaspora and the Continent without the hindrances
of a system of visas that work to make physical contact between individuals in
different countries and states difficult
7) a fully functioning transportation system with the capacity to readily move
Afrikan people and resources wherever we and they need to go on the Continent
and around the world at will and independent of other people’s land, sea and air
8) a political apparatus mobilized to realize nonnegotiated reparations in
every form (financial, business technology and facilities, ourstorical
artifacts, kwk) from wherever they have been transported, hoarded and profited
from around the world
9) the actual material, institutional, infrastructural, technological and
retaliatory reparations commensurate with the spiritual, genetic, social,
cultural and resource damage done to Afrikans by europeans (Old and New), Arabs
and Asians
10) the large-scale promotion and institutionalization of the lifestyle,
ritual, language and material aspects of our indigenous traditions and an
international educational institution, system and pedagogy that is able to
incorporate both the appropriate, nonculturally contaminated, contemporary
technology and the moral and ethical values and ways of thinking and doing of
our people into a functional and proper education for our youth
11) the creation of a de-europeanizing, re-educating, ReAfrikanization
evaluation and correction or removal agency whose mission it is to determine the
severity and correctability of each individual’s mentacide in order to assess
how Afrikans returning to our countries and communities should be spiritually,
psychologically and physically processed in order to best protect our spaces
from internal discord
12) the establishment of an internal and external (international) information
gathering agency designed to assist us in making informed decisions about
threats to Afrikan security, and able and authorized to deploy agents whose
loyalty to the Afrikan nation is beyond reproach to gather said information
13) the removal of our land from foreign “ownership,” control and occupation
and a return of this land to the control of and equitable distribution by the
state, tribe and clan. The massive reintroduction of non-cash crop farming
technologies in the schools and fields. The nationalization of the industries
that can best produce those necessities that are essential for the survival
(e.g., food, clothing, transportation, infrastructure, building materials, kwk)
of the people
14) the development of a fair, nonjudgmental, people’s social welfare system
solvent enough to handle the difficult and debilitating conditions people find
themselves in and are affected by which are either the result of new situations
and events or the outcome of our foreign invasion, destruction and exploitation,
or both; that is, until these problems become manageable through the state,
tribe and clan, having returned to their former levels of benevolent efficiency
15) the removal of the prison system as a punitive instrument and its
replacement with strong corporeal moral law and rehabilitative, compensatory,
service-oriented system of corrections.
It should be evident from our current state of affairs that this collection of
initiatives is nothing more than minimal requirements. Much, much more will be
needed to build and sustain an empowered, global Afrikan nation.
Each of these conditions serves the interests of all Afrikan people, whether
most of us recognize it or not. At this time, considering their lethargy and
treasonous record of service to our community, negroes’ and lost souls’
recognition of the critical importance of these conditions is irrelevant. What
is of utmost importance is that those committed Afrikan warrior scholars who are
and will be doing the work understand how vital all of these conditions are for
the vindication and ascendency of our people.

Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti
Notes Toward Higher Ideals in Afrikan Intellectual Liberation


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